Paulus Böhmer was born in Berlin in 1939, he grew up in »Oberhessen« and in Ruhr, he now lives in Frankfurt am Main, where he managed the literature buro between 1985 and 2002. His publications- besides the ones at our publishing house are: the great volume »Kaddish & andere Gedichte« – »Darwingrad«, »Da sagte Einstein«, »Dein schwarzgekacheltes Blut« at Anabas publishinghouse, »Die Ohm« (1996 at Peter Engstler) and »Eben noch, Vor langer Zeit, Jetzt« (1997, in collaboration with Klaus Reichert).

He translates Jehuda Amichais’s poems togehter with Lydia Böhmer at Suhrkamp. For the volume »Tel Aviver Ungeduld« (Tel avivian impatiens),  one of our publications,  he translated with the help of Lydia Böhmer and Werner Söllner a poem  by Asher Reich.