Our volume »Young European Narrators«, edited in both languages, German and English, contains Scott Bradfield’s narration »The Other Man«.


Scott Bradfield, born in San Francisco in 1955. He moved to London in the 80s.

He published his first short stories in newspapers and magazines there. He works as a critic for several editorial offices and literary magazines. Since the late 80s his book has been published with enthusiasm in English editions. His novel »The Secret Life of Houses« was published in London, and in 1990 is was edited by the famous Knopf publishers for the American readers, entitled »Dream of the Wolf«.

Bradfield’s narrating dives into obsessions again and again. Any suspicion, a moment of jealousy, the slightest idea of s ill-will and all normalities disappear around his characters, and friendships and partnerships are turned upside down.

Scott Bradfield especially enjoys engaging one of those professional experts in the field of »common sense« formerly known as »psychologists« into his plots. And they particularly are overwhelmed by the strange events of Bradfield's stories -- and within the shortest time the masters of the human mind themselves are thrown into the unfathomable.

Bradfield couches his stories in the regional community of his birth; and these »reflections« even influence his titles, for instance in his book »What's wrong with America« that in 1994 was published simultaneously in Great Britain and in the US. Bit as if one to read his two titles, »Animal Planet« (1995) and »Greeting from Earth«, as a global spreading of interhuman confusions, all of the stories have a very universal concern...

It is easily comprehended that Scott Bradfield has received main scholarships and that his novel »The Secret Life of Houses« has been filmed. A film version of his book »The History of Luminous Motion« (1991) is in preparation.