I was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1959. I have studied physics, psychology and philosophy here in Frankfurt. I have founded a literary magazine called SCHRiTTE in 1982 and financed it with the help of sponsors, until it had grown into my current publishing house for literature (1993). – Apart from the later on stated publications, which I have closely worked on as publisher as well as auther, since I have cowritten them. In October 2013 my friendly colleague Georg Stauth dared to publish three novellas about works of arts: Nizza oder Die Liebe zur Kunst (Nice or In Love with Arts) in his then new Vantage Point World publishing house. I enjoyed readings of this book in some 30 places, amongst which Lesecafé in Sachsenhausen, Legnaro/Liguria Italy, ART Basel, Aachen, Bad Soden and Bayreuth were most exciting. (More at Vantage Point or via neugier@dielmann-verlag.de).

A most friendly article from FAZ Weekend Edition (March 2nd, 2014to be downloaded HERE) tells more.

My personal website www.axel-dielmann.de for additional info.