Kirsten Kühlke was born 1965 in Rüsselsheim, where she is also living today. After the A levels she studied pre- and protohistory and classical archaeology in Mainz, gradually replaced by free painting in Wiesbaden, consistently leading to a degree in social sciences in Frankfurt am Main ... increasingly writing, off and on troubled by vital workings, recently as conference manager of an art foundation. After dropping all that now freelance writer.

Kirsten Kühlke was awarded with the 2nd place of the literary prize of the bookfair in Ried in the years 1998 and 1999, in the same year moreover with the Frauenliteraturpreis Kreis Groß-Gerau and with the Würth-Literaturpreis / Poetikdozentur of the University Tübingen. Under the pseudonym Sten Kühlk she was 2001 in the final stage of the Open-Mike of the Literatur-Werkstatt Berlin, before she won the Allegra Literaturpreis in 2003.