After she finished an education as bookseller, Solveig Müller studied theatre and German studies.

She came in intensive contact with Richard Wagner’ work by assisting the twelve-volume edition NTA (Neue Text Ausgabe Richard Wagner / New Text Edition R.W.) in the publishing house Axel Dielmann and by working as one of the assistants at the Festspielhaus in Bayreuth. She also worked in book- and music theatre industry in Frankfurt / Main and Bayreuth. Now she is involved in book- and opera products in Oslo, managing the Opera Shop. Some might be excited about her first crime novel, which is going to come along on two motorized wheels or is going to block the entrance to a crime-bookstore or … – it wasn’t possible to find out more at the Kriminalkommissariat Oslo so far. – Keep looking!

Meanwhile you can see Solveig Müller in the middle of our picture.