Ferdi Schmökel is born on Febuary 13, 1959 in Bingen / Rhein. In April 1983 study of Philosophy, German philology and Soziology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. In January 1990 honorary co-worker in the »Society for Social Work in District / Child Workshop Bockenheim eV«, since January 1991 part-time employment with the same. As social worker and administrative assistant February 1991 master's degree at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University with good conclusion. Theme of master's thesis: Horkheimer's »critical theory in the light of Jewish tradition«. Since then, reviews and criticism for different media. Since June 1995 in the editing of the review paper LISTEN. From March 1996 responsible lokal editor for the newspaper Bockenheimer Tribune (former special edition). 1997-2002 design of the quarterly published member magazine »iaf-informationen«. 1997-2002 editing of the radioshow LISTEN-Radio at Radio X, responsible editor at LISTEN. 1998-1999 organisation of literary events for culture at the third channel in Frankfurter Palmengarten. August 1999 co-publisher of the book »Geliebte in anderen Häusern« (engl. »lover in other houses«).