The Gelnhäuser Neue Zeitung portraits Ewart Reder and his novel »Journey to the Beginnings of Earth / The Story of Co=Operation« on a full page.


Schaufenster Hesse

with the Hesse booksellers in the bookseller-house: Ewart Reder's »Journey to the Beginnings of Earth«

Ewart Reder's novel published


Ewart Reder's novel

depicted as science fiction


Jutta Schubert

in the Rüsselsheimer Echo about the reading in the Opelvillen

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Olaf Velte and Chrsitian Reuter

The Frankfurter Rundschau gives a whole page place to Olaf Velte to spread the prime things to know about the big profligate Christian Reuter – in celebration of his 350. birthday and because it is principally necessary to have certain wayward biographies as model on hand. – Here more about the two booklets, which Velte wrote about the inventor of the »Schelmuffsky«.

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