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Reading Tour Ewart Reder

15.04.2015 · 12:00 to 15.05.2015

Harald de Bary

shows pieces of his art

09.04.2016 · 17:00


by our new author Kerstin Maria Pöhler

13.04.2016 · 19:30



with the »Journey to the Beginnings of Earth / The Story of Co=Operation« in Maintal

14.04.2016 · 19:30

Olaf Velte reads Horst Peisker

Peisker was a kind of soulmate for Olaf Velte

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14.04.2016 · 19:30

Olaf Velte reads Horst Peisker

As lyricists Olaf Velter and Horst Peisker corresponded frequently. The four years ago deceased Peisker will be honored by a reading out of his oeuvre in Kelsterbach, where he lastly lived and was a writer in residence in the years 1984 and 85: a collective action by the Freitag-Anzeiger, the Volksbildungswerk Kelsterbach, the retirement and care home Haus Weingarten and the city of Kelsterbach.

Recently Olaf Velte submitted his seventh and eighth book to me with his prose booklets about Christian Reuter. By Horst Peisker the book of poems »Dillingers Blau« was published at my company. In 2011 I had the pleasure of writing the preface to his wild prose-volume »Ballhaus«. –

May his soul always have a good wind and delight in the event in honor of him:

Haus Weingarten


Lilienstraße 2

Admission 5 Euro

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