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Reading Tour Ewart Reder

15.04.2015 · 12:00 to 15.05.2015

Harald de Bary

shows pieces of his art

09.04.2016 · 17:00


by our new author Kerstin Maria Pöhler

13.04.2016 · 19:30



with the »Journey to the Beginnings of Earth / The Story of Co=Operation« in Maintal

14.04.2016 · 19:30

Olaf Velte reads Horst Peisker

Peisker was a kind of soulmate for Olaf Velte

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04.05.2016 · 20:00

Bernd Stickelmann


Recently poetry and essays by him in the two volumes »Gesichte« and »Vom Flanieren« were published in my publishing company, now Bernd Stickelmann is performing with musical accompaniment in Wiesbaden:

Bernd Stickelmann reads own texts (among other things out of »Sagen Landvermesser«). He is founder of the Lyrikcafé in the Wiesbaden Hinterhaus (publication in »Erich Fried stellt vor«, Wiesbaden Literaturtage 1987), lives now in Frankfurt am Main. Eberhard Emmel (saxophone, contra-alto clarinet, kalimba, flute etc.) is a longstanding resident of the Bergkirchenviertel, recently founder of the World-Music-Ensemble »The Colours and Voices of Wiesbaden«, together with Bernd Stickelmann active since 1987.

»Sauntering between Bernd Stickelmann's poems and shimmering sounds of the saxist Eberhard Emmel scenes from the urban life are unfolding. Their expressive interaction opens spaces and insights: Depths and shoals of the iridescent media everyday life are revealed. Along with photographs of striped off posters and graffitis (Nicolaus Werner).«

Galerie Kaiser & Cream, Art District

Büdingenstraße 4-6


Admission free, nevertheless, donations are gladly accepted in the circulating hat – please numerously wear hats for the event!




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