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22.04.2016 · 19:00

Siegfried Schröpf reads

Siegfried Schröpf reads out of his novel »Breslauer Schatten«, in which the protagonist of his crime novels, the lawyer Thomas Schöngeist, again becomes a detective and follows up a murder from the time briefly before the end of World War II in Breslau. Apparently it is linked to the suicide of a powerful entrepreneur of today and leads back to Breslau in the freezing winter of 1945.

A current review in the Amberger Zeitung makes curious about the reading, which will be accompanied by the Prague songwriter George Pacurar.

Buchhandlung Mayr

Schrannen Platz 3


Musical accompaniment: George Pucurar, Prague

Reservations: Maria von Stern, 0176 / 9114 5181

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