Petra Johanna Barfs was born in Emden in 1974, she lives and works in Frankfurt a. M.

1996 till 2000 Petra Johanna Barfs studied  interdisciplinary art  at Minerva accademy in Goringen Neatherlands, lead by Ton Mars and Sef Peeters.

2000 till 2002  took a postgrad cours called »electronic media« by Prof. Bernd Kracke at HfG Offenbach.

Vistiting student of Prof Monika Schwitte’s Filmcourses at Städelschule, Frankfurt.

Peter Härtling, who is a close friend of hers, wrote »Erinnerungen an die Erinnerungen« (Memories of the memories) about her work. This contribution is also printed in this volume.

To view more of her works visit her Homepage or Galerie Wolfstädter, Frankfurt am Main.