Martin Roda Becher was born in New York in 1944. He works as author and director in Basel and Vienna and is also a freelancer at different journals and newspapers. After being an assistant director at different heaters and feature film productions he staged his crimefarce»THRILL« in Basel in 1997. – His literary debute was the »chronicle of a moist evening« (1965), it was followed by seven volumes of novellas  and novels. The first publication at axel dielmann verlag had been »The pink goat/ A legend of the world of art« in time for the opening of the art exhibition ART Frankfurt in 1996. The book was also sponsored by the art exhibition. The volume with three novellas „Abschiedsparcours“ turned out to be a foul surprise for both the author and out publishing house: Zoe Jenny and her father obtained  a provisional injunction against the novella »Hummerpark«, because  one of the character of the novella,  was alledgedly based on her.