Detlef Berentzen was born in Bielefeld in 1952. In pint he is most prominant as journalist and author of non-fiction. His novel »Hermann« tells the biography of the half century, he has experienced as a child of the 50s and which he later on shaped as a contemporary.

One will love his hero Hermann, who does not want to be or become a hero, and remember, what does not even seem real anymore but is still effective. – Detlef Berentzen lives, after his apprenticeship and first publications, in Berlin since 1971. He has been writing for the taz, to whichs  editors and managers he belonged, since 1981. Since he has been working as a freelanzing journalist and author since 1987, he has been developing and writing features and documantaries for every important radio or television station. His defences and critics have been and still are published in Frankfurter Rundschau, Tagesspiegel, Wiener Zeitung, ZEIT, Psychologie Heute and other periodicals.