Meinrad Braun was born in Ulm in 1953. He studied ehtnology, folklore and paleaoanthropology  in Freiburg since 1973, afterwards medicine. He worked as established psychotherapist in Bad Bürkheim. He lives in Mannheim, since 1986, is married and has a daughter and a son.

During his studies in Freiburg he was part of the free theatergroup (»Der Arme Konrad«) with self-written pieces and musical arrangements. Texst for journals and travel diaries were produced. Since 1996 he wrote three crime novels and narrations, such as »Casa dei Nani« with pictures (Cyanotypien) by Günther Wilhelm (2005).

In his debute novel »Winterreise« Meinrad Braun evokes a road movie, which lives through the many imbedded episodes. Dreamlike, which is how the entire voyage blends, the protagonist Brenner stumbles for example in the world of a nightly camping Circus and encounters aan equally unsetteling and enchanting performer: she was so close to him, that he could have, if their had not been a pane, kissed her on the mouth. Meanwhile he could not ignore the fact that she did not see him at all. This pane stays base moment of the novel. How Meinrad Braun enlaces his readers by trying to go through it, is a speciality of the book.