Martin Bullinger was born in Schäbisch Hall in 1956. He passed his A-levels in 1976, afterwards he studied from 1981 till 1989 German language and literature studies, soziology and philosophy in Würzburg and Frankfurt am Main.

From 1989 till 1996 he co-published the art- and literature journal »LILU« and organised the exhibition room GOOP in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen(1993-1998) together with Anna Fasold. He published several articles in journals and magazines. He is the manager of a wine store.

His first book is the novel »bussard./die sandberg. / zwei liebesgeschichten« published in 1998.

He continued with the novel »schnelle messer. /ein memory.« in 1999.

In 2001 it was followed by the small volume »Geruch der Liebe« (series 16ers) with six exerpts of novels  novels from the years 1998-2006 (!).

His fourth title was published in 2002 »saubande / 137 nachtsplitter« – all of them were published at axel dielmann – verlag Frankfurt am Main.

Sofar the last of his novels »du bist sex« (»You mean sex«) about a livelong livetwisted relationship between the  innkeeper’s daughter Lio Ruth Rieder and a truck driver with very special lifestyle habits. – published in our series The Mainworks (Die Hauptwerke), bound in linnen, with bookmark.