Tarek Dzinaj was born in Landstuhl on in 1962; for most of his childhood (till he was eleven) he lived in Istanbul, afterwards he lived in Hanau. He fell ill with infantil polyomelitis, and after finishing his higher education he became  doctor in in Berlin. He wrote different narrations since 1997, that were published in several papers.

His literary debut tells in a perky way bigger and smaller adventours of a german-turkish clique. The axis Frankfurt – Istanbul is amusingly illustrated, individual characters portray aspects of german, but also of turkish livestyles and mentalities. Many times sympathic dialogues and new views about the world are created through the little differences of opinions and views. The book is written in casual youth language,  burleque situations  alternate with funny encounters. Tarek Dzinaj distils from all this easily philosophical findings about the lifestyles of the generations of the 25- to 35 year olds, who grew up with two homecountries.

On the 9th of May 2004 Tarek Dzinaj died of heart failure on his return flight from Istanbul.