Dr. Antonia Fehrenbach was born in the east of westfelia in 1957. She studied Biology, at first in Strasbourg, later in Freiburg and Cambridge. The plan of becoming marine biologist and journalist, were left behind during her time in Freiburg, instead she became zoologist – she wrote instead of a dissertation as freelance journalist for the »Badische Zeitung«, the »FAZ«, the »TAZ«, the »Sternmagazin« and was responsible for the green page in »Die BUNTE«. She earned a doctorat at the german Primatenzentrum in Göttingen and continued working for the following five years in the biomedical research (Medical university Hannover, Zentrum Anatomie Göttingen, Zentrum inner medicin Marburg). – in 2002 she moved to marburg and took this change of location as an occasion to finally start to write literary.

I have no regrets about the detours I have made, says Antonia Fehrenbach: it was a long time of research, I have seen many laboratories. Enough material, which can be used. She has disbanded active research.

Meanwhile she has become homey with the buisness of writing, which is nicely documented through her homepage: www.antonia-fehrenbach.de