Gina Ford

Das zufriedene Baby

Das zufriedene Baby

Relaxed through the first year

  • 288 pages


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Translated by Samiera Toma

It is exciting to come home with ones newborn baby. Narratives of nights without sleep, endless clamor and insatiable hunger make the proud fledgling parents ask anxiously what they will problaby have to expect in the first weeks. Be confident because it also works easy and relaxed!

The methods of the English midwife Gina Ford are amazing yet still simple. They apply easily and adjust your baby's individual needs.

Even if your baby is already a few months old and you are completely exhausted and baffled – once you have introduced the routine, everyting else follows automatically.

Your baby will:

-       suck the breast or drink from the bottle regularly and sufficiently

-       suffer less from colics

-       sleep through the night real soon

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