Author Peter H. Gogolin lives in Wiesbaden. His previous volumes of novels and narratives were pubished by Kiepenheuer & Witsch as well as by Kulturmaschinen. He is a member of the PEN-Club Germany and won several prices for his literary work, e.g. the »Preis der Deutschen Akademie Rom, Villa Massimo«. Additionally, his novel »Seelenlähmung« was nominated for the APEKTE-Literaturpreis.

As a publisher, I undoubtedly recommend the brilliant novel »Der Mann, der den Regen fotografierte«. Nontheless, I would like to hint at more work by Peter H. Gogolin, such as his trilogy »Seelenlähmung« (1981), »Kinder der Bosheit« (1986) and »Calvinos Hotel« (2011) – For me, the latter is one of the most impressive European novels. In addition to his trilogy he wrote an informative essay »Das Gewicht der Zeit« (2015). People who are interested can send a request via mail to or have a look at his website It is always worth a visit not only to learn more about Peter H. Gogolin, but also because of its stimulating book reviews of other authors.

But now more about »Der Mann, der den Regen fotografierte«: