Born in 1955 in Refrath near to Cologne, lives in Berlin. After various book publications, Herbst’s famous novel »Wolpertinger oder Das Blau« (Wolpertinger or The Blue) was published in 1993, for which he was aworded with »Grimmelhausenpreis« in 1996. In 1998 he became fellowship holder in Villa Massimo, Italy, and, at the same time, his new powerful novel »Thetis« was published as the first part of his »Anderswelt-Trilogie« (Otherworld trilogy).

His work is represented in some 40 published books, numerous articles and radio clips - aswell as on his extended web site Die Dschungel.

Listen to his daily online readings series on Youtube - it's most pleasurous!

Foto on the right: Herbst on reading tour via German Railways in 1993 with his novelletta »Die Orgelpfeifen von Flandern« (The Organ pipes of Flanders). Below a recent foto by Shasharad Lowan.