Gustav Jacobsen (here on the picture: in the midst of Adelheid Seltmann and Michael Nagula on the Bookfair in 1994) was born in 1946 in Bonn, grew up in Gmünd (Eifel), from 1968 studies of business administration, sociology and linguistics in Cologne and Berlin, graduation as certified sociologist and Doctor of Philosophy. Jacobsen was a honorary fellow of the Heinrich-Heine Foundation for philosophical and critical sciences; he wrote, among others, »Theorie der Sprechtätigkeit« ( Theory of speaking action; Beltz, 1977). For eight years (until 1980), he worked as a lecturer for linguistics and sociology at the universities

 in Berlin, Duisburg and Münster. As commuter – Jacobsen had left Germany in 1978 for political and cultural reasons – he lived in Paris and Amsterdam and until the end of the 1980s in San Francisco. There and in Frankfurt (Main), »Die Limousine« (The limousine), one of the first books of our series »16pages«, arose from November 1992 to February 1993. – Since 1987, his stories were published in American and German magazines, since 1991 as books, including»McJob Porno« and »Atmosphärisches« (Atmospheric), »Reich und positiv« (Rich and positive), »Leichensäcke in der Wüste« (Body bags in the desert), »Liebe im April« (Love in April), »Bag Lady« and »Doktor Frankenstein« (Doctor Frankenstein) and were broadcasted in TV and radio since 1992. – Sometime around 1997, Gustav Jacobsen as such is missing. Too bad! (We still could have done something together ...)