was born 1948 in Athens. He studied sciences in his hometown and did his doctorate about the emergence of human sexuality in Stuttgart and Wroclaw. So far he published 12 books, among them novels, narratives, essays and aphorisms. He speaks 14 languages and translated for his compatriots in Greece 62 books from German, English, French, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Today he is as a literary critic »the Reich-Ranicki of Greece« at the widely read Athenian newspaper »Ta Nea«. – After his novel »Der Sommer der Eva-Maria Bengtson« was published 1986 in German translation, which was also rendered by Gabi Wurster, his second book in Germany »Die Nostalgie der Drachen« is available at our house, which was adopted in the paperback program by the colleagues of Reclam Leipzig.