The neuroscientist and poet Jan Lauwereyns has worked at various universities and research institutes in Belgium, Japan, New Zealand, and the U.S.A. Currently, he is Professor in the Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences at Kyushu University, Japan. His scientific publications focus on the neural mechanisms for decision-making and attention.

In 2006 - Jan's list of scientific publications wasn't that long then - some of his scientific »colleagues« forced him to get the freshly released book »Monkey Business« from the Netherlands book market, as they thought it would show a too direct picture of how some researchers handle animals in their labs - however, this would be impossible now...

Jan Lauwereyns is also an accomplished multilingual poet, occasionally working in collaboration with Japanese, Dutch, Russian, American and German poets, such as Michael Palmer and Ulrike Draesner.

Jan Lauwereyns’s writings offer »a remarkable amalgam of science and poetry, one that ultimately serves the interest not only of truth but of beauty and goodness as well.« American Journal of Psychology