During her everyday life she is detective chief superintendent  at the police headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. She loves her job dearly, but becaus e of that a certain space from time to time is important to her. »There is a life after work!«, says Ute Meyer and to this life belongs her passion for the south. The south of France. The Midi.

Since more than twenty years she spends several weeks at »her« countess in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and. A friend in the heart of Provence, supplies her always with new local recipes. It was mere chance, that this region became her holiday destination –  or wasn’t it? In spring 1982 she read a biography about Vincent vanGogh and his enthusiasm about the Provence, the region around Arles and S. Rémy, was equally  contagious  and enticing. Suddenly she knew: »I need to go there!«

Ute Meyer allows us to get a glimps e at her enthusiasm for the Midi on her homepage about the Provence. http://www.midi-impressionen.com/