Gunter Münzberg was born in 1941 to German parents in Rumburg in the Czech part of the Sudetenland. He grew up in the Upper Palatinate and Stuttgart, and graduated from high school in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in 1961. He studied electrical engineering, graduated in communications engineering, started his career as a laboratory engineer in a global telecommunications company, was assistant to the sales manager and promoted to management as export manager. He occupied various positions in sales and management of other companies. He has worldwide experience in the fields of measurement and control technology, drive technology, magnet technology, sensor technology and process engineering. Gunter Münzberg is married, has one daughter, one son. From 1963 to 2000 he was a member of the Freemasons' Association in a leading position. In 2007 he retired, but then studied physics in Tübingen, specializing in astrophysics, relativity, quantum mechanics, atomic and particle physics, thermodynamics and hydrodynamics.