Helge Nyncke, born in 1956, father of four, grandfather of many, and creator of many ideas, lives and works in Mühlheim am Main. As a graduate designer, illustrator and author, he has illustrated, written and invented numerous school books, non-fiction and picture books, games and animated films for children, but has also written critical essays, cabaret and free texts for adults and published them as philosophical non-fiction books or satires. He also developed and realized room and wall design concepts as well as play objects for various children's hospitals. On Youtube he runs his own channel with creatively staged readings of various kinds, which he also likes to present in front of an audience. In addition, he offers innovative workshops and trainings on the topics of musical-rhythmic self-awareness, communication and body language as well as creativity with children and works part-time as a down-to-earth pedagogical assistant in an international day care center.

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More information about the author you can find on his website www.helge-liest-helge.de.

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