They make up the end of the list - but only because they already have their own button in the navigation above. Otherwise the authors are at the top of the list; without them there wouldn't be any of the wonderful books at which you have to have a look now!

Authors who are not yet »my« authors and want to hand in a manuscript, may send an E-Mail first. A very short depiction of the project is enough and someone from my team will contact you for further information, if the project fits our program. You can send this via mail or  per post - we are curious, but please be patient. It may take a while until we have the time to read the manuscript, because of the work at other publications or the organization of events, such as the »Langer Tag der Bücher«, from which you can see a picture above with authors Ewart Reder, Norbert Abels and Olaf Velte.

Codename: Nalan Tri
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