Booktraders, sponsoring-partners, institutional organizations are our partners in daily business. Additionally, there are partners we are not working with on a regular basis, but who are nevertheless important to us. We very much appreciate their contributions to our books.

We thank the printing houses, printing our program, for the beauty, handiness, durability and pleasant smell of our books – they are usually named on the copyright pages.

Urs van der Leyn, Basel, is the one who designs most of the pages and jackets of the dielmann-books from the very beginning of the literary program. I warmly call out to him: »Men went aan alles!«

I have to thank the interns and previous trainees for their hard work – I really hope you have learned something during your time here! There have been a lot of opportunities for that: in the meantime around 140 interns have wandered through the four locations of the axel dielmann – verlag. Wherever they are now: Good Luck – and always keep a good book close at hand!

And additionally thank you, who promoted for my publishing house and worked as »internship-agents«. Best of all the staff and teachers of the University of Gießen, University of Marburg, University of Mainz, Univeristy of Frankfurt am Main, the School for Booktraders Bergen-Enkheim, motivated booktraders and many, many others. Your trust and enthusiasm for literature is a real pleasure to me!

Booktraders can reach our delivery SOVA via email: sovaffm@t-online.de  or telephone (06181/90880772) or by fax (9088073). They really help us to deliver the books to the reader as fast as possible.

Thanks a lot to Thomas Meinen of susmedien.de for the contacts to China (Brücken nach China), for the help to bring »Monkey Buisiness« and »Die Reise zum Anfang der Erde« to Asia (nach Asien).

Also thank you Alexander Treuleben, who represents our books and licences around the globe - bon chance on every continent!

Without the photographers our websites, books, our PR would be nothing! Thank you to Montgomery »Monty« Cross in Frankfurt, jana Hartmann in Boston, Irina Ballandina in Offenbach, and especially to Kornelia Boje in Berlin, our multi-talented author, trainer of the BR, actress and – photographer.

Then we have the partners of our anniversary book »20 x 20 Jahre«. All of them - just like us - founded in 1993 »Gegründet 1993: Zwanzig Firmen im Portrait«. The peers are the following:

We celebrated together, and we wish each other many good years, nice products, »exciting« and »excited« customers, good news and first of all: brilliant businesses.

Over the research for the same book »20 x 20 Jahre« we became aware of the extraordinary agency Ragbit in Schaafheim.Ragbit was also founded in 1993 and thus got a place in the book (have a look at p. 142). Mirko Konrad, founder and owner of the agency, had the ideo to restructure this homepage. It was high time! So we worked together in peaceful unity to relaunch our new homepage. Thanks a lot Ragbit!

Last but not least the Frankfurt Academic Press GmbH - well, that's acutally us, but we like to work with us ...

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