The poems of Horst Peiskers were published as lyrical column in journals and newspapers for many years, because he captures blunt impressions of his environment in this poems. – but there is more to discover:

Du fielst / In diesen Blick – this happens everytime: The poet jumps into his reflection and also the unexpected opportunities catch his attention. Like in the title-poem »Dillingers Blau« (engl. »Dillingers blue«) there are reckless characters, which befall you like natural forces, wilfully fights similar to Charles Bukowski, who appears in several poems. Among these great names, poem Peisker remembers a little pack of nameless ones, they have a last home in extinct corner pubs:

Weit nach Mitternacht
Im Trompeter begann die Stunde
Der Verdammten und Erloschenen.

Jörg Schröder (März Verlag) about Horst Peisker:

»There is no one in Germany, who could write poetry noir more authentic, without to quote Bukowski. And there is more melancholic toughness in these writings than in Brinkmanns walks through ugly Cologne.«