Bruno Piberhofer

Lover in other houses

Lover in other houses

  • 192 pages
  • Series Label (Reihe ETIKETT)
  • Sponsored by Achilles GmbH


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The »Lovers in Other Houses« emerged from the eponymous column in the review-magazine »LISTEN«: The then and current desk with Ferdi Schmökel and Bruno Piberhofer each asked important publishers to name their favorite books, their literary lovers, which unfortunately were pubished in other publishing companies. So, across scarcely 15 years a winking collection of publishing love letters emerged. The most important »bookmakers« such as Egon Ammann, Nikolaus Hansen (Rowohlt), Klaus Wagenbach, Wolfgang Beck, Walter Pehle (S. Fischer) besides numerous other publishers also from smaller houses provide information on books, authors, publishers, literature as a whole and the whole industry around the demanding book. A history of the publishing house, a cultural history of the last years and a big raving for noble book editions. And moreover an enjoyable reading experience of high degrees.

Codename: Nalan Tri
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