Johannes Rath

Milano, Firenze, Roma, Napoli

Milano, Firenze, Roma, Napoli

An art-journey 1964

  • 72 pages
  • with 13 large-format coloured pages


18.00 €           picture

edited by Irene Kappel and Harald de Bary


The house »Rath« in Frankfurt has always been open for everybody, for the many companions, friends and acquaintances, art lovers and enthusiasts, artists and pupils. Cosmopolitanism was made alive here. I have learned to »think big« and »think wide« here. Do not stick to own judgements and to the ones of others. Discussions about all and sundry, philosophy and meaning of life. Often it had been long conversations until late at night with a highly gifted artist, faith mediator, religion annotator, teacher and model. However, it was also always about questions of art – about music, poetry and painting. Johannes Rath – a visionary with love of the sensuously comprehensible beauty.


Gabriele Pattberg, in the epilogue of Jahannes Rath's »Die Erprobung des Wortes – Aufzeichnungen« (2010)

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