Ewart Reder was born 1957 in Berlin. Since 1998 there are numerous publications in newspapers (FR, FAZ, nd etc.), magazines (ndl, lichtungen, das magagin etc.), anthologies and in radio. He works for »Literat«, the »Critical Encyclopedia for Contemporary Literature« etc. 1999 he made his debut with the poetry volume »Messungen«. With »Buch auf! Ein Porträt des Schriftstellers Ewart Reder« (Book Opened! A portrait of the writer Ewart Reder) Bernhard Bauser shot a movie about the writer who by daily news paper Frankfurter Rundschau has been called »white hope of contemporary literature in Germany« and has got various awards.

»Ewart Reder writes poems which interest me in two ways: what there is written and how it is happening. Such reading quickens the appetite« Robert Gernhardt writes about Reder – there you go!

Reders »Doppelkopf« (Two Heads) show in hr2 (Hassia Radio station) with Sylvia Schwab is totally marvelous: HERE you hear the Podcast-Download, where they talk about publishers ... Thank you!