Astrid Ruppert studied literature in Marburg. After graduating, she worked for several years as a producer and editor for television. She began writing when she had to stay in bed for a long time. Her first novel, a Christmas story »Obendrüber da schneit es«, appeared three years later. Since then, three more novels have been published by her publishing colleagues at List and Ullstein: »Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann?«, »Ziemlich beste Freundinnen" and »Wenn's am schönsten ist«.

After being voluntarily active for refugees since 2015, her book »Tea with Ayman – In Dialogue with Refugees« was published by tredition. – Her next novel will be published by dtv in spring 2019. Her impressive filmography can be found on Wikipedia. – More information about the author you can find on her homepage