Dieter Schoon has studied pyschologie and employment law at Bamberg university. His professional life began in 1992 working at Gemini Consulting, later on at Cap Gemini Ernst and Young as a consultant for questions about employees and organisational developement.

In 2000 he switched  to the newly founded  strategy consulting firm Cell Consulting as the responsible for germany still for the same questions and additinally as marketing manager. In 2003 Dieter Schoon left to support the managment of Advanced Micro Devises (AMD) in planning of staff and organisations  for the new microship factory »Fabrik 36«. In 2004 he switched to the stop of the staffsector of itelligence AG in Biefefeld.

Since then Dieter Schoon is responsible for the strategic and operative issues of staff at itelligence AG Head of HR worldwide.