Magazine for literature

Founded in 1982 it was edited by Axel Dielmann, Klaus Hensel, Stefan Klamke, and Rolf Werner Kunz for 10 years – it was the root of the publishing house axel dielmann: Clamped in own newspaper holders, 24 pages formated DIN A 3, the magazine was found regulary in cafes, the last volumes in 1.400 cafes nationwide. With the foundation of the book program it was not possible to manage that any longer. In 1996 there was a short comeback, but the books took their toll, it was not possible to publish 4 to 6 magazine volumes, while also looking after about 15 books per year.
The magazine reached about 180.000 to 250.000 readers per issue at this time with its lyric, short prose works, excerpts from novels, Graphic Novel, excerpts from theatre plays, essays. And in authum of 2015 it is planed to bring them back in 540 cafes nationwide, to reach some 50.000 to 60.000 readers. The City of Frankfurt am Main supports the relaunch most friendly. – With each issue its planed to bring the magazines into 80 additional cafes. At least two public readings in alterning cities should promote authors and texts.