Jutta Schubert was born 1959 in Wiesbaden, where she also lives today. She studied literary history and dramatics in Erlangen and Frankfurt am Main. She was assistant director at the theater in Bochum, at the festivals in Salzburg and also at the castle theater in Vienna. She worked with Claus Peyman, George Tabor, of whom she just wrote a biography worth reading, Manfred Karge, Axel Manthey and others. Since 1987 she wrote numerous plays, partly she staged it herself. Originally especially abounded as a lyricist, she published increasingly prose, at last »Too blue the sky in February«,a novel about Alexander Schmorell, who founded »the white rose« together with Hans Scholl and operated against the Nazis.

Her literary work was prized various times from the hessian  ministry of culture, the artistic village Schöppingen, the ministry of science and art Baden-Württemberg and the dramatist workshop of the federal academy Wolfenbüttel.

»Night with Marilyn« is her first collection of narrations. Does Jutta Schubert write a novel?, you ask. – Keep looking!