The German translation of »The Secrets of My Life / Vintner, Prisoner, Soldier, Spy« is out on the German book market now:

Peter M.F. Sichel, a fourth-generation wine merchant, found the path he was destined to walk interrupted by the Nazis while growing up as a Jew in Germany. He left Germany but was imprisoned as an enemy alien at the outbreak of World War II. When he was released, he hid in the Pyrenees before reaching the United States in 1941.

After joining the Army, he served with the U.S. Office of Strategic Services, sending spies into Germany, before becoming a senior official with the Central Intelligence Agency, where he served in key positions in Berlin, Hong Kong, and Washington.

From 1959 on he, together with his cousins, was back in the Wine Trade. Blue Nun being his biggest international success, he became a Vintner himself.— Jancis Robinson on Peter M.F. Sichel:

»Who else could subtitle their autobiography 'Vintner, Prisoner, Soldier, Spy' other than Peter M F Sichel, the tall 93-year-old New York grandee. Nor can anyone else claim senior membership of two sorts of CIA, the obvious one and the Culinary Institute of America. I can think of no one else in the wine business who commands his seniority and international standing.«