Bernd Stickelmann lives as a freelance writer in Frankfurt – This picture shows him (left) at a reading at the publishing house.

The focus on his literary work is poetry, which is performed in cooperation with visual artists and musicians (together with Nicolaus Werner from „Schwarzen und Weißen Seten“). In addition articles in literary magazines, radio plays (SWR and HR), also essays, like the ones in the axel dielmann publishing house. Also further works on poems: Not only for children (Von Mäusen und Träumen).

Releases i.a.: Stadt–Mitte Draußen Draußen auf der Autobahn, Blieskastel 1997. A further book of poetry will be published soon at the publishing house Vantage Point World.

The two artist-volumes below arose, as did the newly edited volum »sagen Landvermesser« (»say them Geometers«), during years of cooperation with the artist Nicolaus Werner. They performed together, and Bernd Stickelmann also performed with his own band. »Listening to Bernd Stickelmann is a treat, to experience the musical and artistic cooperation is an enlightenment.« (EZ)