Olaf Velte was born in 1960 in Bad Homburg, today he lives with his wife and two children in Wehrheim in the Taunus region. 1979 A-level, 1981 – 1984 training as a management assistant in publishing. Then consultant at the publishing house Brönner-Umschau. 1985 – 1994 study of German, theatre-, film- and television studies and philsophy. Degree: Magister Artium / Goethe-University Frankfurt.

Interships at Taunus Newspaper, Bad Homburg, 1995 work experience at Frankfurter Allegmeine Zeitung, editors »Rhein-Main-Zeitung«. 2001 language teacher at inlingua, Frankfurt / Main, 2001 / 2002 professional studies »Buch- und Medienpraxis«, Goethe-University Frankfurt. Since 1993 he works as a manager of a sheep farming and freelance writer. Articles for newspapers and magazines, creation of chronicles, book reviews, broadcasts for radio, content development of several theatre-programme, head of a independant theatre group.