Judith Hennemann was born in Papenburg/Ems in 1975. Today she lives in Frankfurt am Main and works, besides her literary work, as an industrial socioligist in a production company. She writes poetry and plays and has had numerous publications in magazines and anthologies, such as in »L. Der Literaurbote«, »DAS GEDICHT«, »außer.dem«, »Versnetze«, as well as on every important lyric-platform on the internet (for example fixpoetry.com) and the radio.

Her play »Androguards« was staged by Sascha Weipert in the Frankfurter Autorentheater (2014/resumption 2015). She was among the first of the »4. lauter niemand preises für politische lyrik« and received the jury prize of the »Hochstadter Stier« in 2014.

»Bauplan für etwas anderes« is her first publication of poems, which I as a publisher am really pleased to have in my program.