Ana Martins Marques lives in Belo Horizonte, works as a proofreader in the national parliament and writes, mainly poetry. She holds a PhD in literary studies and is one of Brazil's most popular poets.

In 2009 she published her first book of poetry, »A vida submarina,« followed in 2011 by »Da arte das armadilhas,« for which she received the Brazilian National Library Prize. Then, in 2015, »O livro das semelhanças« was published, which again received weighty awards, this time the Prize of Literary Criticism of São Paulo and the Prêmio Oceanos. This was followed by »O livro dos jardins« of 2020 in the fine quelonio editora (which is a must-see!), which is the staple of Michel Kegler's selections and translations; this collection of poems appeared in 2017 under the title This House in the English translation by Elisa Wouk Almino.

Thanks to Michael Kegler for his wonderful translation work!

Her volume is part of our Poetry Autumn 2022.