Besides our main interest in literary books and arts we love wine—so our portfolio of book titles include some well selected books on wine and its culture. Of course, and of trinking that says: enjoying wine.

It is quite a variety of titles. Some are introducing certain wine regions to you, like Rudi Knoll’s two book on wines from Saale-Unstrut region or Saxony and its well reknowned vintner Georg zur Lippe, and now the book on Slovenia as a marvellous wine country—and Guest of Honour at Frankfurt International Book Fair in 2023. Other titles do portraits about extraordinary wine people, so does the autobiography by Peter Sichel. Rather a specialist’s title is Daniel Deckers’ book about the Logo of VDP Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter, its Sign of Grape and Eagle (we published it in Germand and English) or the VDP »Große Lage«® book. Plus there are some titles on the history of wine, such as a folio volume on the Wine Family Matuschka von Greiffenclau, and joys (and joice) of wine, like byzantine thinker Psellos.

However, enjoy a brief look on the titles—all of them do perfectly match a good glas, or bottle.—Cheers!