Slovenia, with its rich and special literature, is the Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2023. From 2020, this was be the background to our intensive research, readings and travels through Slovenia and its book worlds.

We are most greatful to Slovenian Book Agency JAK (Javna agencija za knjigo republike Slovenije) to support us. Especially to give emphasize to our Projects towards Slovenian Literature with their kind Letter of Intent.

We have received considerable support from Matthias Göritz and Erwin Köstler, who have pointed out many authors and made many works accessible to us. They have done a great job as editors and translators in creating the »BOX—the wild Slovenes« with (initially) 16 volumes of our series »16ers«. Many thanks for that—and you can read more about it below!

We were surprised that there was no book worth mentioning in German about the wonderful wines and the stubborn winegrowers of Slovenia. Then we tackled it: Wine and Vintners in Slovenia. And we are as happy about it as we are about the many contacts to the great winemakers in the country. Rating: Worth discovering!

Finally, a very special book of stories: »Teufelssprache« (Devil's Language) by the Ljubljana-based author Veronika Simoniti, translated by Tamara Kerschbaumer. A book that immediately transports you to the land of Slovenia, full of idiosyncratic characters from Slovenian history and lands beyond the scarce Adriatic coastline. Immerse yourself immediately!

More to come. Definitely!