Der Osten leuchtet

In the Frankfurter Neue Presse Dierk Wolters reviews my book »Nizza oder Die Liebe zur Kunst«.

Sylvia Staude about the »scenic poet« and in-house writer of the publishing company


Der Osten leuchtet

Ralf-Rainer Rygulla’s and Marco Sagurna’s Big Collection »Der Osten leuchtet« (The East shining) emediately found fine attention at the media – most striking with its relations to the backgrounds of the war against Ukraine, and equally catching with its absolutely unheard sounds –

here a brief sample from the media:


Michael Augustin at Lesart, booksellers magazine in 20.000 copies, September 2022

Tschech Buchmagazin Powidl announces the »Eastern shining«, 01.06.2022

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 13.05.2022

Der Hahnepeter, 2.2022, with a 6-pager portrait of »Der Osten leuchtet« and its two editors


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