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Reading Tour Ewart Reder

15.04.2015 · 12:00 to 15.05.2015

Harald de Bary

shows pieces of his art

09.04.2016 · 17:00


by our new author Kerstin Maria Pöhler

13.04.2016 · 19:30



with the »Journey to the Beginnings of Earth / The Story of Co=Operation« in Maintal

14.04.2016 · 19:30

Olaf Velte reads Horst Peisker

Peisker was a kind of soulmate for Olaf Velte

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Contra Corona

Dear Friends, dear lovers of books,

dear colleagues,

as we are working in closure, preparing our 4-volume edition of »Victor Otto Stomps als Schriftsteller« (Victor Otto Stomps as a Writer), Corona does not too much affect us. But all of our events, readings and presentations, cancelled – we put emphasice on our social media chanels:

As we all became »Home-Officers« we feeded our facebook account daily, most of them with short video clips of readings and the like. Visit us on www.facebook.com/AxelDielmann.Verlag.

Not as high in frequency, nevertheless we worked on our youtube chanel showing the publisher reading from his favorits and some of the authors presenting theirs. Have a look (and ear) at www.youtube.com/user/AxelDielmannVerlag and

  don’t forget or underestimate www.instagram.com/axeldielmannverlag our latest exploration and thus rather slowly fed so far. But perhaps you’ll find some pieces, worth watching, at least during Corona days andevenings.


And if reading German notice: We love to deliver every single of our titles as quick as you wouldn’t get your online-TV-Programming started …

Yours Axel Dielmann


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