In 1999, Evangelia Karamountzou issues »Die Blaue Stunde. Tee in der Weltliteratur« (»The blue hour. Tea in the world literature«) together with G. Gschwendner and B. Birken in the series ETIKETT: »Again and again, authors let a cup of tea become that calm anchor, since immediately the first and shortest article in our collection reckons: As with Reiner Kunze, having a cup of tea is a symbol for a placid little while, an invigorating rest, a contemplation besides the uproar and the racing of the world – a blue hour.«

In 2002, Evangelia Karamountzou publishes together with V. Schneider and B. Birken the volume »Das Fenster in der Literatur« (»The Window in Literature«) in the series ETIKETT: » A world without windows is unimaginable – and when you dip into literature, you realize which special enrichment windows represent in our lives.«

She lives in Greece with her family.