The publisher of the journal OTIUM are (amongst others) the students Alexandru Bulucz (comparative literature), Andreas Engelmann (law, philosophy), Jakub Gawlik (comparative literature and philosophy), Corinna hackel (comparative literature and Romance studies), Ossian Hain (theater-, film- and mediasience and linguistics), Jim Igor Kallenberg (musicology), Philipp Stadelmaier and Aaron Zielinski (philosophy, art history and sociology).

In OTIUM they do not publish about  philosophy and literature, already exsisting position are not only reflected; because OTIUM itself consits of and for literature, philosophy and photography. »Every word is time spent for leisure... The heterogenous articles are contendwise bound together, which reffers one to the other is the fact that they compose themselves around the others and probably condem themselves . Through each article as independent, closed fragment of an idea, which adjust without pressure«, say the publishers of the journal-  which might be also applicaple for their book »Bildungsnähe(n)« and their 8 conversations.

Articles of OTIUM are frequnently posted on the plattform Faustkultur, where a preprint of an abstract of a long conversation with the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nany can be found.