Imagine a small booklet in the shape of our shared EU-Passport – that official-looking, Bordeaux-red, pseudo-linen-bound thing, with all your Visas in it. Only it doesn’t have the pages for all the stamps, but instead 27 double-page spreads, each containing a poem on the themes »Border, Passport, Visa, Nation, Neighbour, Neighbouring Country«. What’s more: the poems, 27 in number, each come from a different EU-country – so in short: a poetry passport, across the whole of Europe (i.e. the officialised Europe of today = EU).

That’s what we’re currently putting together. The only EU-countries still missing with an interesting poet or poem that fits the theme are Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Latvia, Cyprus, and Lithuania.

Once all 27 poems are assembled this would be our »European Book Project« which would ideally be promoted in all 27 countries, by 27 European publishing houses in a big public relations campaign.

Would this project be of interest to you, both as a part of your publishing catalogue and as a first test run of the »European Book Projects« as a whole?

It would be such a pleasure to start together with you.

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